For ppl with a bit of brain ツ

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For ppl with a bit of brain ツ

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:42 pm

For ppl with a bit of brain ツ
Smart Enough for this game?!
Okie this is one tricky game for the smart people here. I found it off an english grammar forum.. Anyway the game is that from the last word in the previous post, you make a sentence using the first letters of that word..

Eg. The last word in the previous post is 'Word', so I make a sentence with 4 words starting with W-O-R-D.. Like this:

William owns real ducks.

Now the person below makes a sentence with words that begin with D-U-C-K-S..

[ ps. it may turn out to be weird..buh tats de fun ]


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